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[30.5.10] Teamspeak 3 is here!

just noticed that TeamSpeak 3 is out! And of course I immediately set up my server ;)

You'll find it at the usual address:
Default Port (9987)
No Password

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[10.9.08] New Feature

I've added a new feature to the main website, a place called "server updates" were I will be posting comments on little changes I do to the configuration. Often they only concern a few of the users, so i don't feel posting them here on the news.

You will find the server-updates page on the main navigation panel if you're logged in.

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[13.7.08] Site changes

I just moved most the sites. The forum etc are now found under rather than
Redirections are in place at the old addresses. Also all websites are available encrypted as https now. Additionally some sites are only accessible via https.

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[11.11.07] Some catching up to do ...

So, long time since i posted here.

Quite a few things happened: "Order of Phalanx" as a Guild Wars guild doesn't exist any more. I'm not playing GW full time any more, some ppl still play in other guilds.

I am hosting now, as the old owner didn't want to pay his server any more.

We got a Battlefield 1942 server, but it isn't running 24/7, it just eats up to much cpu time.

I recently installed a Quake 3 Fortress server, which will be running and hopefully we will get together a few players.

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[20.9.06] Moved to a new server

I just moved the whole server with forum and website to a new provider. This is now a real root server. Besides the old features and some faster perfomance there are a few new things possible:
-FTP Server to upload files (only on request)
-Game server (half-life for now, at least Battlefield planned)

But not everything is finished right now. Since the Mail system isn't running yet, there is a problem when trying to register. And the new domain name will only be here for some days, until they swichted the old one over.

Update: Mail is running now, so new registrations should be working
Update2: The Domain transfer is finished, so everything is reachable as * again

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